Marshall County


Environmental issues apply to everyone. Whether referring to water and air quality or soil and water conservation, the concern is not only ours, but also future generations. K-State Research and Extension is committed to doing its part to protect the Kansas environment.

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Air We Breathe Resources

The following program is available for pick up at the County Extension Office.

Research has found that some homes have indoor air that is worse than outdoor air. Many homes today have furnishings, combustion appliances, and household products that can compromise the quality of the air we breathe. This lesson will provide awareness of indoor air quality issues such as radon, secondhand smoke, lead, combustion gases, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, molds, and other substances that may contribute to respiratory problems.

Understanding a few basic principles of indoor air quality will help protect family members from common indoor air pollutants. Family members can reduce the health risks associated with indoor air contamination by correcting structural flaws to the home, implementing safe chemical use practices and by making environmental changes in the home.